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You have to have fun

It can't all be about work.

Part of the reason I became an Industrial Designer is because when I was growing up I spent most of my time making models of things, coming up with ideas for new toys and generally carrying on in the same way I do today when designing a new product for a client. The only difference being that as I get older, the technology I have access to becomes more and more advanced.

On this page you will find a collection of projects I have worked on in my spare time. As you will see, my interests are pretty varied but i am sure most of you will find an underlying theme in most of what I do.

Please note that in cases where I have mentioned a brand name or whatever it is not meant as a product endorsement and my opinions are not that of the companies mentioned. The trademarks all remain the property of the respected companies etc. etc. so I don't want any complaints, okay... enjoy !


1:32 Scale RC Rock Crawler

I have always loved the Bullhead from Tamiya. I have however never owned one!

While toy shopping one day I saw a non RC 1/32 scale version of the Bullhead, and decided to buy so my son could play with it of course! More…